sexta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2014


         Please analyze this below dialogue and then look at the end, a Sociologic Scientific Conclusion.

Mom, I'm getting married!

Awesome, my son! I'm so happy for you! Who is the girl?

It’s not a girl. I'm marrying a boy. His name is William.

You said William… Or it was my brain that suffered an inconsequential psychotic break?

I said William. Why mom? Something is wrong?  

No, that is nothing wrong... My vision is just a little bit blurred and my heart probably stopped beating. Yet, everything is fine.

If you have any problem about it, just say it...

Problem? There’s no problem. I just thought I would have a daughter-in-law in the future.

You’re going to have a daughter-in-law. But it’s a Daughter-in-law... A little bit masculine.

Or a son-in-law a little bit feminine. To sum up: a daughter-in-law kind of masculine that tends to be a son-in-law almost feminine...

And when I going to meet my… my... William?

You can call him Cookie. It's a nickname.

Yeah! Cookie... I like it... Someone with this surname may be a nice person. When Cookie comes to visit?


Nothing.  It’s just because I want to disagree with your father the sooner as possible.

Do you think daddy will not accept?

Of course he will accept! Of course he will. I just do not know if he is going to survive… But this is nonsense! How could your father die knowing that you have found your soul mate? And what a sight: the two mates have mustaches.

What bullshit... Nowadays... Almost all of my friends are gay.

I just hope that you have some left-overs... to introduce to your sister.

Bel is dating.

Bel? Dating! She did not tell me anything ... Who it is?

She’s one of a kind. Her name’s Veruska.



Oh, good! What a shock! I thought you said “Veruska”.


Okay... okay... okay... If you’re happy...
That’s unfortunate, because I not going to have a grandchild…

Why not? Cookie and I want two kids. I'll donate sperm and Cookie ex-girlfriend will donate the egg.

Ex-girlfriend? Cookie has an ex-girlfriend?

When he was heterosexual... Veruska.

Veruska who?

Bel’s girlfriend...

"Wait." The former girlfriend of your current boyfriend ... It’s the current girlfriend of your sister? That's my daughter! Her name is Bel, right? Because I’m a little lost here…...

That's it. Sure... Veruska is going to donate the egg and we will rent a womb.

Who’s womb?

Bel’s womb.

But… Do you mean that Bel will generate your son with William with your sperm and the egg of her girlfriend Veruska?


So, this child will be your daughter, daughter of William, daughter of Veruska and daughter of Bel.

In terms...

The child is going to have two fathers: you and William. And two mothers: Veruska and Bel.

That’s it...

Furthermore, Bel... besides being a mother, she is an aunt... Or uncle… Because she is your sister.

Exactly. And next year we will have a second child. This time with William’s sperm, generated in Veruska’s womb and with Bel’s egg.
We will just change things a little.

Just exchange, right? The egg will come from Bel and Veruska will generate the child in her womb.


Now I get it! Now I really understood...

What do you understand?

I understand that what is happening is a kind of the back and forth of the modern times.

What back and forth mom?! ....

It's a back and forth, yes! An exchange... With eggs, sperm, one time in the womb of one person, and other time in the womb of another person...


This is an orgy of the last generation! And even worse... It includes incest.

Bel and Veruska are just going to help with the conception of our son.

I know! And if they want to have children?

We are going to help.

Don’t you realize? In the end of the story I didn’t get anything. I don’t understand who is going to be the mother of whom; who will be the father of whom; the uterus, the sperm. .. The only thing I do understand is...


How the inheritance will be divided among multiple heirs?
The genealogy it’s going forward... It’s going to be terrible! Impossible!
The social chaos already started!  


That’s how the biggest social chaos of the society evolution has turned official. The destruction of the heterosexual family, which is the first existing cell of the society, where the consolidated homeland and nations are born, starting the progress and development of the industrial organization with Politicized Capitalism and Free Press of high social responsibility. (No to socialism)

The American Nation is going to implode due to this kind of moral destruction, making a big “black hole” that will swallow all of us. The problem about the USA it’s more internal that external. The “Moral decay of the USA will meet its end quickly.” This kind of destruction it’s more powerful that an atomic bomb. It’s a slow and gradual process but very hard to reverse. It’s socially lethal.


Paulo Augusto Lacaz