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      Women, the most sublime of all the Beings of Nature, is the noblest, the worthiest, the most eminent, who will be able to fulfill their Social and Moral mission, although she has been many times, and even today, barely happy all the prejudices of fetishism, the theologism, metaphysics and scientific; ignored for centuries, they will take their position of prominence, throughout the existence of human harmony, both individual and collective, which constitute and will always do, in ever, the main focus of human affairs, but will have to be very careful not to embrace the same weapons that some of their sex supplement - Man - performed and still perform against her.

Women as a living being, an organism, therefore, formed in a way and, on the other hand, cannot survive unless in a particular environment, and only be maintained in this environment due to certain relationships between organism and environment.

The same happens to men.

By enumerating these relationships, it appears various functions of animals, so that each function, i.e., every act of living nature convergent, corresponds to the existence of each of these relationships, which is performed through a certain part of the animal, these parts, which are called organs.

So animals are considered an arrangement of organs, and it is where the word organism comes from.

The environment is modified by the organism lives, and the organism is modified by the environment where they live.

These changes have a limit and will depend on the ability of the organism, it adapts to environment variations, but if these variations are too large and too sharp, the organism is destroyed, destroys itself, instead of transforming.

 Therefore, it is not possible to admit, indefinite changes that may occur, on top of the same organism.

Due to the reaction of the organism to the environment, and the environment on the organism, it appears a dual purpose animal:

1. On the one hand, it is necessary that the organism modifies the environment, adapting to the increasing conditions of animal existence.

2. On the other hand, it is necessary that the organism mold, that is, straighten to the environment, when it cannot modify.

When we study animals whose sexes are not separated, we note that the dual purpose of modifying the organism and environment focus on the same Being, and therefore, the creature cannot develop significantly.

The separation between the sexes is outlined by a series of previous demonstrations.
Thus, the inferior creatures in the biological level, the animal is reproduced by any part of the body as it progresses in the range, it appears that it is reproduced by a specific part and then given the sexes are separated.

This separation shows immediately that the male is the largest fitness, to modify the environment for the benefit of the species, is the industrial factor, is the modification factor, for this is what the Industry is the resume.

The Women patient concentrates in the highest degree, the ability to modify the species is the factor of moral excellence. However, from the oldest stories of our species, the Women being focused on himself, not only the space reproduction. However, we find you doing in several of human civilization, the father, especially in ancient times, shares this play, by the principle of male pride, which was taken to allocate the procreation of the human species, especially man.

Eve was born from a rib of Adam.

Apollo Aeschylus Orestes justifies having killed his mother, citing the testimony of Minerva, a man not born of his mother, Minerva, and she left the head of Jupiter.

These ideas were a fanciful full force until Harvey, who in the seventeenth century -1578 - 1657, proclaimed that Men reactions come mainly from his mother, and today we know that especially with regard to morality and sociability, this is very true.

Man is born through of sexual union of ovum and sperm. The genetic characteristics contained in chromosomes, which in turn are expressions of the DNA (s), both father and mother, takes the characteristics of the couple to be the future, with respect, affection, intelligence and character, as well as the behavior of many other organic and psychic, health and disease; and that during pregnancy a woman can change the locations that store the "psyche or mind or soul", i.e. the brain, especially in neurons and synapses formation.

We can see that there are certain families or a strain which genetically repeats the behavior of the character, for it is said that 70% of the character (courage, prudence and perseverance) is of genetic origin, the other 30% are shaped by the social environment.

.Intelligence is genuinely genetic imprint; it is enhanced by the statement. The brains of male and female are complementary. There is no opposite sex.

Feelings, there are genetically dormant and are molded from conception, throughout pregnancy and completed within 14 years of age. It is likely that 30% of the feelings be genetically residual by genetic inheritance and by influences from the environment where the mother lives, but about 70% can be molded by the environment.

How Feelings, both selfish and altruistic is that the intelligence command, generating the enthusiasm to reason, because of the emotions, whose action is policed by the character, we can say that due to the long period that the Human Being, is to mold if, in his sense, is when he is with his mother, 9 months of gestation and 14 years of education, so we came over the Mother than Father.

Therefore, we are essentially children of our Mother.

This is the scientific truth, is the Woman-Mother, that man descends, he descends to the human species through the woman. The woman receives the impressions, the way of where you live socially in his brain, his son, being in her womb, receives all this information, particularly sentimental or emotional.

For this reason, is that it explains the diversity of personalities, so different from children born of the same mother and father. For the personality is formed by nature and by selfish feelings, behold the feeling, in the psychological formation of the human being.

Today, the expectant mother spends nine months in that giddy capitalist activity, competition, full of materialistic selfishness, under stress, etc.., And after delivering her son to be educated at a daycare center, which gives no love of Mother because child care is business, not family. It generates the monster, which will work out in unbridled capitalism, without any feeling of veneration for their parents, leaving them at the earliest opportunity. That's why we have to create capitalism policed.

Is this what we want for the earthlings?

Is this life?

Is there a condition of making the world the Earthly Paradise?

With this in mind, that caused the great Master August Comte, the Great Social Reformer, creator not only of Positive Science Sociology as Moral Science Positive, and the record of 15 philosophical natural laws common to the seven basic sciences - mathematics, astronomy, physics , Chemistry, Biology, Sociology and Moral, in a humanitarian view of life, even utopian, but never chimeric.

Within the Positive Moral Science or Scientific Psychology, or known as Building Science, found seven theorems, and among them, faced with Positive Cerebral Theorem, which are exposed 18 brain functions - 10 of Feelings [7 Selfish and 3 Altruists], 5 Intelligence [Concrete and Abstract Contemplation, Inductive and Deductive Meditation; Expression (Oral, Written and Mime)] and 3 Character [Courage, Prudence and Perseverance)]. If there are functions, is because there are organs. Based on the performance of these organisms in the brain, these activities that generate employment, we have a condition to analyze the differences between man and Woman; they are differences that occur by the unions. As previously stated, the major difference between the sexes, the male resident, has a greater ability to modify the material environment, and female sex, are better able to modify human nature itself.

Let's meet some conclusions on this subject, based on Brain Theory, whose specific terms are to be explained on another occasion. Those who distrust the truth of the conclusions assumed here, I stay the orders, for in another moment, to make clarifications on the details of this theory, which originated in the data of practical life, was not the pure imagination of a privileged brain.

The research study that women make of loved that to live around theirs. The research study that women make of their loved that about him, is more intimate than that, what man does, about types of materials with which they transactions.

She has to penetrate the core of his nature, to discover your feelings and thoughts, so the female intelligence, needs the Concrete Contemplation more than the man, who needs Abstract Contemplation.

Therefore, women have more wit, and they are surprised, to see that the man is so easy to be deluded, while the woman is not.

The woman does not fit very well, as the man for Industry [Banking, Manufacturing, Mining, Commerce, Agriculture], however it is more appropriate to their way of perceiving the world - in Education, Instruction, in Medicine, Veterinary in Dentistry, in Healthy Policy, in Right / Duties, which are the Good of the Arts, but also fit well in the Fine Arts - the Art of Beauty - the poetry, as writer, in sculpture, in music, painting and in Architecture, and administrative activities of government, and in the administrative and repetitive scientific research.

The societies said the scheme "democracies" whose heterosexual couples should receive two types of Wages - Maintenance and Productivity. Maintenance for Women Mother, paid by the State Productivity and her husband, paid by the Employer, where we find the details in the draft Societocratic Republican Constitution, to be published in another blog - Societocratic Republican Constitution, which really only be improved if the Human Being convinced of the tremendous importance of Feeling Universal Education (Subordinate Egoism under Altruism), to consolidate its construction.

When you create a system of Universal Education, and establish as a principle the improvement of Human Nature in its triple aspect: physical, intellectual and moral education will make will be the main Arts of the Well (Medicine, Law / Policy and Duties) because it improves all areas of activity, improving their moral agents, theoretical and practical.

The all human beings correspond to the same General Education, with regard to your destination emotional and intellectual, yet in its practical aspect, it splits into two branches, according to the target asset Women's Mother, in private life, today's highly unfavorable; and the man in public life. Here we do not want to take the political power of women. What we want to address is that women have greater ease in developing the aesthetics of poetic activity in the domestic arts.

Like it or not women are different from men, and vice versa and the differences that occur are the unions. Some rights and duties are equal but thank God, the great majority of the Rights and Duties are different. Equality is only of opportunity, and difference by Merit. Nobody here wants to take the political power of women.

7.2.1 - Women that perhaps due to their nature or by necessity due to lack of male labor within the family, want to devote to work outside the home, to do so if they wish, in agreement with the spouse, provided they do not undermine the moral education of their sons until the age of 14 years. (TITLE I - The Fundamental Principle - Societocratic Republican Constitution – P A Lacaz)

It is worth remembering at this point that the difficulty of disciplining society, without blocking creativity and development, i.e. to maintain the Progress subordinate under Order, and with the Progress is the  Order Development, does not come from a woman. The woman was born with the qualities, the Altruism supremacy, and that if this one had already been deployed reality in our world, it would be another, the difficulty is not the child, which everywhere accompanies the Woman-Mother; the difficulty is the adult male, leaving the mother's arms, and puberty, diverts him, and finds no moral protection, even in the Wife, that moral protection equivalent to that which gave him, his Mother, there are recorded in the brains of adult men, the tenderness, and purity of their mothers received.

This is the reason that modern society in the midst of all difficulties revolutionary, still holds the feeling, thanks to motherly concern, because the action sanctifying moralizing and Women's Mother.

We can now, based August Comte Cerebral Theorem, through the organs of Contemplation, claim that intelligence is superior between the two sexes when it is set that we are talking about:

• If it is the study of the Moral World, is the Concrete Contemplation prevails - Women are more intelligent. Synthetic – more General

• If it is the study of the Industrial World, is the Abstract Contemplation prevailing - The man is more intelligent. Analytical – more detailers  
To harmonize the idea is to merge skills; contemplation concrete with abstract contemplation;

• Making Women develop the Abstract Contemplation, in order to acquire the mental qualities of man;

• Making the Man Concrete Contemplating develop in order to acquire the mental qualities of women.

Concrete Contemplation is closer to reality; Abstract Contemplation throws us into the world of ideas, fantasies, utopic and chimeras.

The intelligence of women is more to reality, so that explains the apparent contradiction, say that man is dreamier. But it was through these dreams; the world has come to the stumbling, the scientific and technological developments in which we live.

During the period of gestation and until the child reaches 14 years, Woman must dedicate himself fully to the Mother Home, and be well paid for this material activity, that is his real work of sanctification, but sanctification on earth, that is to adopt more and more the man to live for others. You do not give your assets to others.
If so, we have just said does not happen, is for sure, that will become more unfaithful husbands, become coarser, parents forget their duties, let the daughters to abandonment, the brothers will behave similarly, giving total disregard of his sisters.

Fold up and it applies to divorce and is an insignificant minority still espouses.

We should remember, what Aristotle had proclaimed, "the main force of Women, is to overcome the difficulty of obeying" and I add that the main strength of the man is to have overcome the difficulty.

• No need to send, there is, is to command, with persuasion and knowledge, and the question is not put to obey servility, but if there is agreement, it will love.

One command and the other advice.

The other two organs Brain, concerning Intelligence, Brain Theory this, are the Inductive and Deductive Meditations, which also have different behaviors in the case of Women and in the case of man.

• Women are more generalists - Inductively more reasons that are, from private to general, or synthesized -; she notices the details, ie what is common in the environment of generality. - Intelligence Summary. - Inductive - (Summary)

• Man is more tricky - more reasons deductively, ie the General to private, or analyzes - He looks for the search, knowing the details, that is, as the majority is formed. Analytical   Intelligence. Deductive - (Analytical)

In referring to the organs of Meditation, the Intelligence, both the woman and man, are complementary.

Both Contemplation Organs  - Concrete and Abstract as the Meditation Organs - Inductive and Deductive; whose parties differentiate intelligence of woman and man, brings a knowledge to bring about a form of teaching, which would induce the qualities of Woman, man and vice versa.

For these reasons, because of intelligence are different, however, further, it is necessary from the standpoint of learning, Women have a method and man have another method, for receiving the teachings.

Learning is to invent: to teach is to put the brain, which hears, sees and uses the touch, that is, which can learn, in a position to make discoveries. Therefore, there is no invariable rule, to teach the world; each case is a particular case, so the true master is our Mother, she realizes that every child needs to learn differently.

As the problem of the world, is education and not politics, and how the mothers are the most competent and able to perform this educational function, let me extend a little more in this respect, because until today, Mothers are Woman, like it or not those who disagree.

Education always has a dual purpose:

1)     To systematize the logic

2)       Publicize the Doctrine

Logic aims to develop normally, skills for intellectual work, revealing the mental laws and cultivating our faculties of contemplation, meditation and expression (mime, oral and written).

As already noted, the colleges are different from female intellectual’s male so we can conclude how difficult it is to give the same statement, the boy and the girl. We can do this for adults, because it is assumed that over time, this has already occurred this preparation, but as the child, the adolescent, this does not occur, the good showing for the boy, not for the girl; the case that simultaneously serves for both, may be said that does not serve to one or the other.

Therefore, there is the need for teachers, using techniques that explain the way of logic and feminine male logic, however, nothing prevents both sexes participate in the same classroom, but teachers have to stay alert, the existence of two different beings in the classroom.

From the intellectual point of view, we find that woman and man are two additional ones, and the contrast is that the female intelligence is better able to study the Morales phenomena - Psychic and man has the intellectual faculty more developed for the study of nature Material World.

We have just seen, the most complex part, to explain the differences between woman and man, by hand and now intelligence as we cannot extend as regards the differences, by the side of Feelings, that is, by the side of Affection, and then the side of the Character, it is agreed that these organisms will be presented in lectures to be held by Mr. P. A. Lacaz and scheduled by email contact  and/or

About  Affective or Feelings and Character organisms, which are well presented in the
lecture, by Theme - The Harmony and Disorders Mental, based on August Comte Brain Theory, where a distinction is required in our species homo sapiens, who are more selfish and those who are more Altruists.

Those who think the influence of selfish feelings, induce the individual to refer to both its existence, like others of its kind, which surround it, and everything, yourself, they find themselves the center of the world.

Those who think the influence of feelings Altruists does not aim at the individual himself and make the individual look outside of yourself, selflessly, the reasons for their existence.

Feelings command intelligence, which in turn gives a feedback to it, to set the actions of this, according to the projection of the past in planning future actions.

I look forward to meeting you in the Lecture *, wishing you,

Health, with respect and fraternity,

Paulo Augusto LACAZ

(*) The lectures are paid. All articles and books are free.

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