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                                                                            July, 21, 2012


United Nations

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For approximately the last 21 years I have been studying outside the university circles with material support from my savings and no doubt from the books in my library, as well as often on the Internet, a Scientific Philosophy by means of the perceptions which the philosopher August Comte registered through the Natural Philosophical Laws of the Sciences: Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Positive Sociology and Positive Moral; as well as the fifteen Natural Universal Philosophical Laws which he perceived and coded as Supreme Fatality or First Philosophy, which are common to the previously listed seven sciences.

For them to be considered as sciences, the criterion was adopted that the Natural Philosophical Laws that govern them have to possess seven simultaneous attributes: Real, Useful, Certain, Precise, Organic, Relative and Social. For this reason, Economics is considered here as a technological application of the Positive Sociological Science, as Topography and Accounting are of the Mathematical Science, and as Mechanics is of Physics. On the other hand, Laws of Obligations and Rights, Feeling Education, Politics and Medicine are part of the Art of Good, and will never be sciences.

I have dedicated myself on my own, with no support from any organ or any private or state institution, striving in these last years to collaborate with great National and International deeds, with the objective of doing the Social and Moral Good of the Societies which inhabit Mother Earth, through analysis and scientific suggestions.

On SCCBEME-HUMANITY Blog:   with the followings goods: LIABILITY OF RELIGIONS and FEELINGS CHILDREN EDUCATIONACTIONS AGAINST CORRUPTIONS. RIO +20 – BIOCRACY * THE LIABILITY OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION, SOCIAL PROGRESS AND MORAL ORDER. • WOMEN • GREEK CRISISREMEMBER THE TROJAN HORSE!SAME-SEX COUPLESNEW IDEAS, and through website you may find a series of e-mails, Articles and Books as well as a succinct explanation of this Philosophy , Politics and Scientific Doctrine. The contents of the pages are free of charge. The sites in English were conceived to honor through the Doctrine of Humanity the Population of the United States of America.

More recently, in the field of Political Regime, after having studied 26 Constitutions of various countries, I have dedicated myself to the study and search for new ideas and suggestions of a scientific nature, which by persuasion and knowledge may contribute to the emergence of a  new Political Regime capable of bringing to countries with a cultural level similar to that prevailing in Brazil conditions which are beneficial to our reaching the Capitalist Democracy in the near future, since in these countries, as in Brazil, there still predominates a Mercantilist Democracy and sometimes a Mercantilist Dictatorship, and sometimes even a Communist Socialism.

This proposed Political Regime – Republican Societocratic – may be applied with the due adjustments to the countries in the Group of 20 (G-20).

The advantage which this political regime would bring, besides other actions, would be that of educating human feelings and scientifically instructing the populations, with a view to Democratic Capitalism, bringing about the reduction of world conflicts in which many US soldiers are killed, bravely fighting communists, terrorists and despot dictators, in other parts of the world, in order to maintain the operational market structure, in freedom and with responsibility for the Policed  Globalized Capitalist System.

Approximately one year ago I created a Civil Society Organization, SCCBESME-HUMANITY, aiming to develop 39 + 7 = 46 projects, and whose number of employees is currently zero. Everything was done through my work and my personal expenses. All told with the help of 20 people who believe in me and signed the documents in registry office, to formalize the creation of the Non-Profit Society. Only I am developing the operation of SCO. I have written more recent   articles, which can be found on the blog, such as aiming to create a Political Regime, Republican Societocracy to keep out Communism or Nazism or Fascism political system, before implantation the Democratic Capitalist System.
The following projects are being considered:


  • STRUTURAL DEMOCRACY ORGANIZATION – REPUBLICAN SOCIETOCRACY and a one Societocratic Republican Constitution that it is already in 200 page.       

The SCCBESME-HUMANIDADE is looking for partners who can finance and maintain the projects so they can hire outside services and structure their actions.
We hope the collaboration of all. For any donation or visit the website
and click on the PAPYPAL bottom, in the end of the main page.

With your cooperation, we parted, wishing,

Health, with respect and fraternity,

Paulo Augusto Lacaz

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