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The conduct of American society has long ago has been strengthened by an amoral development, as we can see in the writings of August Comte in his main work, the System of Positive Policy (1852 - 1854), in Volume IV, - Table of Synthetic Future of HumanChapter V: Findings of this systematic, according to the combination of the future with the past or the general framework of extreme transitionPage 490 ff: Discusses the English and its participation in Western civilization, on page 494, where we find:

The peculiar colonization process of North and South America introduced among them a continuous difference regarding the relationships with their major populations. Systematized by Catholicism and the royalty, the Iberian transplantation preserved the group of antecedents and even allowed as I elucidated, the better development of essential characters. But the British colonization resulted from an individual impulse to which Protestantism served of consecration, especially altered the social traditions to the extent that it sprang from, particularly, of the persecuted and the rebellious. Since the two modes have been severely tainted by slavery affective race (blacks), this monstrosity provoked a decisive contrast between them, that appreciates as insufficient temporal and spiritual discipline, puts Protestants under Catholics. Reproduced in other aspects, this diversity becoming British Americans are the most anarchical of all Western nations, because they have encouraged the defects and repressed the excellences of the English type.” August Comte

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