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         Council on
                        Subject: USA vs. China - and the
U.S. Public Debt

Att.: Mrs. Elizabeth C. Economy
CV Starr Senior Fellow and Director for Asia Studies

CC: Mr. Barack Obama - President of the United States of America.
       Mrs. Nancy Pelosi - Democratic Deputy
       Mr. Tim Kaine - Democratic Party President.
       Mrs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
- Director Democratic National Committee.
       Mr. Patrick Gaspard - Director Democratic National Committee.
       Mr. Mitch Stewart - Organizing for America.
       Mr. David Plouffe - President Barack Obama Senior Advisor.

Dear Madam,

I carefully read your article titled "Time for the United States to Learn from China" and I took  the liberty with all respect to expose my point of view, even not being American, but based in a Doctrine with Scientific Content and Universal Foundation, which provides tools for me, to suggest that Americans themselves better diagnose their domestics problems, in reference the Morality and Sociability of its Citizens and that the solutions come out from inside the U.S., by the own Americans, who will give an example to others countries, with  Theological reasoning foundations to develop for Scientific reasoning in the Moral Capital activities, in order to minimize their domestic conflicts.

            In my point of view, the Americans do not have anything to learn from Chinese. The Moral of the Western civilization doesn't have anything to do with the Chinese Moral formation. They are fetishists and we are from theological source. The problem is located mainly in the Human Feelings Education. For Feelings [Selfish - are Seven] and [Altruists – are three] who command the Intelligence, and they receive feedback, policed ​​by character (courage, prudence and perseverance) and whose action is implemented or not, one of five Intelligence "organs" {Concrete Contemplation [1] and Abstract Contemplation [2]; Inductive Meditation [3] and Deductive Meditation [4] and Expression [5] (Oral, Written and Mime – or by a combination of its)}. In this case the Expression.

Therefore, the USA would have to take action with regard to the FEELING Education of its citizens, so they come to know techniques of Feelings Education (it is not scientific instruction) to improve the subordination of selfish feelings under Altruistic feelings; that is, subordinating Personality under Sociability, the Rights under    Duties, the Analysis under Synthesis, in order not to affect the destruction of your nation.

Harmony in the equilibrium of these "forces" by successive dosages and teaching techniques will minimize competition and consumerism, and thus not an annoyance Democratic Capitalism existent nowadays. Where the activities Capitalism, must be accompanied, supervised and policed ​​by the STATE, as is being proposed by the Barack Obama government through the Consumer Financial Protection Agency – CFPA and simultaneously strengthened by the action of the USA Government Accountability and Wall Street Reform.

          Which is the advantage in creating the forged profit if result is the recession and the destruction of your nation when it is discovered?

      This attitude of the finance executives that caused the financial crisis of 2008 - 2009 is said to be immoral or unethical for the American Nation.

      This strategic plan has to be prepared, considering for each of the three components of Capital, listed below, the actions tactics of small, medium and long period.

So, we divide our analysis into three CAPITAL powers:

1. Moral Capital – Scientific
2. Intellectual Capital - Scientific
3. Material Capital ($) - Salary, Patrimony, Trade, Industry, Financial Market and so on.

Let's imagine that each of the three capitals above indicated, is represented figuratively by three oscillating vectors in different greatness and that each one be component of one leg, of one tripod, whose vertex the apex of the tripod is the support point of a plan, that represents the Social equilibrium of a CIVILIZATION.

If one of the vectors of one foot of the tripod weakens, it will be reduced substantially in size, compared to the other two, this plan, which represents the civilization unbalance, ie, tumble; Civilization into a state of  high disharmony, instability, creating in nation that this problem is occurring, change where Progress becomes anarchical  and Order becomes retrograde, generating strong tendency to social conflict, civil wars, famine, disease, corruption, increase consumption of toxic, alcohol, frenzied gambling (Of ​​the $ 600 trillion, which circulate in the world, only U.S. $ 40 trillion are really productive, generating jobs and services and manufactured goods, the remaining U.S. $ 560 trillion in speculation are leased Stock Exchange); Lies (Forging Balance Business Accounting), sexual liberalism and so on. This vector is the Capital of Moral Science, governed by natural laws of Positive Moral Science, or Construction Science or Scientific Psychology. Where the notion of "Living for Others" and not Lie; are strongly weakened. Where the Duties Law (Individual, Family, Civil, Western, Eastern and Planetary) subordinate the Right Law. {“To living for others”, it is not to give your patrimony for the other ones; and yes when planning to think in the others in a social way and it is not in way socialist or communist. It is in a controlled and watched Capitalism.}

      It is this Moral Capital that large and deep differences between the USA and China are restrained. The changes in this field are slow and gradual.  However, a consolidated plan for the Feelings Education is more “powerful than a nuclear bomb”, to build a society or a civilization. About Religion (Doctrine) China has 5% of Buddhists, 1% Christians and 94% of followers of Confucius (fetishism). They are highly disciplined, respect their superiors, especially by age, and they were educated knowing that the wisdom only comes with the age. They accomplish without discussing what the Boss spreads, since there is logic in the Chief demonstration.

As for the Scientific Intellectual Capital, which in its natural laws, from mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology positive and Moral Positive sciences and its respective  technological applications, have always shown that the scientific development in the West until today is remarkably superior to the brains Chinese scientists. As the Chinese intelligence is governed by Fetish reasoning, it has the difficulty of the operation of abstraction. But when the intelligence organ learns with scientific reasoning, it goes right from fetishism of Scientism, passing the theological and metaphysical stages of human intellectual evolution of reason predominant in the Occident. In science they copy rather than create, mainly when the subject is more subjective. Among the three races, the yellow race is the most hard-working. If the day had 36 hours, they were working 32. They Sleeps 4 hours per day on average.

         As for Material Capital in relation to Economy Political, applied to Capitalism, easily learned the teachings of the Americas and European Universities and communed in Globalization and the World Market and domestic. With some big mistakes in planning, such as a housing crisis is emerging due to the purchasing power of workers are very low and having no purchasing power to acquire real estate. The State monitors and oversees everything with “hand of iron”. Penalties are violent against corruption. How is a socialist-communist system, only graduates of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China, live well, and the others are explored by the State, unaware that Western capitalism - Guarded by the State, it offers conditions, for the poor to be rich, since it has capacity to be enterprising. If it does not have this capability will be a worker (employer) and to be well paid, in case he has technical qualification.

Chinese workers with a starvation salary; and many hours of work per day, contribute so that the selling price of manufactured products becomes highly competitive and export markets have damaged greatly the Globalized World. Frequently  “often the qualities of materials used in Chinese manufactured products, including the dangerous practice of increasing profit margins by reducing the quality of raw materials. For this reason the U.S. lost its manufacturing capacity to compete, because the Chinese feel they have little to lose, jeopardizing consumer safety, in order for higher profits," is what Mr. Paul Midler said in his book Poorly Made In China. Include low cost of the remuneration slave labor.

For this reason, U.S. can not copy anything from China, but adjust, change, modify, educate and monitor our feelings Moral Theology of  Western, to maximize the peaceful building of any nation, for a development, never connected to the "laissez faire, laissez passer, le monde va de lui même "(Let do let go, the world goes by itself).

As for your suggestion regarding Mr. Michael Dunne opinion, where he indicates that one strategy is to control the flood of Chinese Material Capital flowing in favor of the U.S. three points below to regularize the momentary needs of the U.S., is a solution, but it is palliative, it can scare the Chinese Material Capital to other parts of the world, damaging the area of ​​the U.S. financial market. Every action has a reaction; it is equal to that which occurs in one of Isaac Newton's Laws applied in physical science. And the rules of the WTO, not to be forgotten for will be applied in Transactional American in other countries destination of their overseas investment plans? Everything is relative.

1) If the Chinese want to do business here, they have to invest in manufacturing and jobs.
2) If the Chinese industry is our joint ventures Requires Firms to do business in China, then we require The Same When the business comes calling here.
3) "Profits stay from operation inside the United States. Repatriation will be limited to China and will demand from U.S. government-approval ... .. it's just quid pro quid "

The Organization of the Chinese State, the Congressmen are not morally troubled by lobbyists (there it is a crime) and to be nominated by the Communist Party against our democratic principles of election, with freedom and responsibility, however create a "mix" of components politicians in Congress who are more scientifically representative than in Congress and Senate of the U.S., because they endorse the interest in the Chinese Nation and not in economic groups. Decisions are more scientifically analyzed in Parliament, for the good of the nation - STATE, in their point of view. Approximately 20% of the Chinese Congress is elected by the people "democratically" to bring news of the needs of the "Cities" contributing to the improvement of Chinese people's social plans. Others think in the Nation, that is, the Chinese State.

        The differences are too big to accept your suggestion of "We need to start learning from China". It will not be able to apply anything from Chinese bases in the U. S.

            The problem is more complex than merely by sight of Political Economy. You should not be disappointed with me, but economics is a technological application of Positive Sociology Science. Like the Accounting and Topography are of Mathematics Science, and Mechanical is the physical science. But if the subject goes of your interest, I am free to dialog with you in another opportunity.

       How to convince the political and industrial leaders of a Nation that has the greatest military and economic power in the world that it is failing in certain key points in the maintenance of its National and World Sovereignty?

         The Immorality is a social organism cancer, acting, mutatis mutandis, as a prostate cancer in human’s organism. It is slow, painful, gradual and highly destructive, if not treated in time. In the case of the social organism often due to the state of decay of society, war is the only solution to put an order in the disorder that was created by political no statesmen – example: incompetence of some Republican political leader in this moment. It is not a territorial conquest war. The war may be to "economic weapons" and the last stage with military weapons.

At the moment the U.S. are going through adjustments of domestic high magnitude, with respect to the Moral Capital, that is, the contest between the Republicans (Selfish, anti social - are social parties) and Democrats (altruistic and social and no socialist) in elevation Top Limit of U.S. Public Debt and Wall Street Reform. Other great reforms were already obtained for the social good of the American people, by Barack Obama Government. But these two regularizing actions mentioned above, approved the basic ideas of moral connotation of the Democrats, creating deep-tuning actions and tranquility in the financial market and economic globalization, establishing more harmonious economic development on Planet Earth, within the capitalist system said Democratic force.

        This difficult negotiation between a selfish and altruistic, that is, between a personal, who only sees the
I and a Societocratic (not socialist) that he sees the society as a whole - Republican and Democrat respectively, in relation the top elevation of the U.S. Public Debt, where this impasse is also so disturbing for U.S. as for China.

         This economic war may have been good, because it happened to show China that it is connected to the American Welfare. Should the U.S. break Chine breaks together.

        If China decides to frighten the U.S. "in wanting to sell part of its American debt, like a cold war financial, of course both sides have secured their destruction." This is an analysis that the Republicans can not see. "So that the U.S. desire to stave off default, because such action could alienate China, which is a potential buyer of U.S. Treasury Securities" Following this exposure columnist Mr. David Barboza, published on July 18, 2011 from The New York Times, know the whole article in the link below:

 where you certify the analysts' opinion.

Right now China is starting a big internal security crisis, because the Corporation can not sell the apartments for Chinese that population don't possess wages capacity to buy the apartments built recently. In future, the Boss will have to pay his workers better is likely that in the medium term, they stop interrupting the internal market in several countries exporting all of the extremely low price, prevent the economy from emerging to evolve by itself, and competing "unfairly" also in the market American household.
As for Wall Street Reform, I present an email I have just received Mr. David Plouffe - Senior Advisor to the President Barack Obama, where he reports on the current status of this matter.

      -----Original Message -----
From: "David Plouffe, The White House"
Sent: Qui 21/07/11 19:15
Subject: Fwd: Why Wall Street Reform Matters to You

         Good afternoon,
One year ago today, after a tough battle with the special interests in Washington, President Obama signed Wall Street Reform into law.
That law does three important things. First, it brings to an end taxpayer funded bailouts, so taxpayers will never again be left paying the bill if a big bank fails. Second, it stops the reckless risk-taking by Wall Street that put consumers in jeopardy and led to the economic crisis. And third, this law puts in place the strongest consumer protections in history.

And to make sure you can count on those consumer protections, we put a first-ever consumer watchdog in charge. It’s a new bureau – a new cop on the beat – with just one job: looking out or amilies in the financial system. Here’s a quick video we put together last year to explain it:

The President faced a lot of opposition when we fought for this bill. An army of lobbyists and lawyers were looking to preserve the status quo, and one year later, they’re still at it. The special interests are trying to water down what we passed, and spending tens of millions of dollars to get their way. And they’ve got friends in high places.
But President Obama has made it clear: he’s not going to let them win. He’ll veto any effort to weaken or repeal Wall Street Reform. He’s not going to let them take us backward.
We can’t afford to go back to the days when consumers were ripped off by misleading fees and deceptive lending and our economy was vulnerable to greed and recklessness -- not when we know that millions of middle class families are still hurting because of the damage that was done.
So we have a lot of work to do to rebuild this economy. We’ve got to rein in the deficit to put our economy on stronger footing and ensure that seniors and middle-class families aren’t bearing the entire burden when millionaires and billionaires, oil companies, hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners are let off the hook.
We’ve got to keep money in your pockets by preventing payroll taxes from going up for working people. We’ve got to continue to make smart investments in clean energy, innovation and technology to create the good paying jobs of the future.
But we’ve also got to keep up the fight to solve the problems that led us into this economic mess in the first place.
It comes down to this. You shouldn’t need to have lobbyists on the payroll to have your voice heard in Washington. And in your financial dealings, you deserve a basic measure of protection against abuse. You should have the freedom to buy a home or open a credit card or take out a student loan with confidence that you’re getting a fair deal.
That’s what these consumer protections will do. That’s why Wall Street Reform matters.
David Plouffe
Senior Advisor to the President  


    In West, we have to be very apprehensive about the China grandeur expansive, in trying to surpass the U.S. as a Global Superpower, with reference the finance economy and especially in the military force.

     However, we can through the Pew Global Attitudes Project Report
Pew Research Center
- Link Featured Report. - U. S. favorability Ratings Remain Positive. China Seen Overtaking the U.S. Global Superpower

         The United States continues to receive positive ratings in much of the world, but it faces the new challenge of Doubts about ITS superpower status. Publics around the world Increasingly Believe That China will replace or Already Has Replaced the U.S. as the world's leading superpower.

         I don't believe that the economical power of the Republicans, which already passed us of Homo-sapiens for Homo-economicus, to want take us for the cliff of the Animalis-homo habitat.

        Waiting to have collaborated with you, to show a new way of feeling, of thinking and of acting, I wish you, 


Health, with respect and fraternity,
Paulo Augusto Lacaz


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