terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2014


De: Barack Obama <info@barackobama.com>
Para:Paulo Augusto LACAZ <lacaze@terra.com.br>
Data:hoje 09:03 Data: 02/09/2014 12h03min06s UTC

Friend --

Think about where we were five years ago, right around this time.

The pundits were declaring health care reform dead.

Today, now that reform is the law of the land, millions of Americans are better off -- without having to fear going bankrupt or losing their coverage just because they, or someone they love, got sick.

That's because people like you never gave up. You refused to be scared off by cynics or powerful special interests.

I'll always be grateful for that, as are Americans across the country who now have access to affordable, quality health insurance -- many for the first time in their lives.

That's something I hope you remember whenever your days get long: The work you're doing has the power to make history.

Thank you,

Barack Obama

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