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Remember the Carrier plant Trump "saved"? He lied

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assunto:Remember the Carrier plant Trump "saved"? He lied.

Our Revolution

Paulo Augusto,

President Donald Trump lied when he promised to save thousands of Carrier jobs in Indiana from being outsourced to Mexico. I would know — I was the local union president who Trump attacked for calling him out.

That's why I wasn't surprised when Trump did it again. He promised to revive the automotive industry but on his watch, GM just closed down the iconic Lordstown Assembly and laid off 5,000 people and moved jobs overseas.

Across the Midwest in states like Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, lives are being destroyed because Trump is betraying his promises to workers and communities. Meanwhile, companies like GM and Carrier are getting rich off of our tax dollars.

I'm an example of how we can WIN. With the support of Our Revolution, I ran for and was elected as Wayne Township Trustee here in Indianapolis and beat a two-term Trump-loving Republican incumbent. I was inspired to run because I wanted to make sure that companies like Carrier don't get public dollars while shipping jobs overseas.

There are candidates and groups all across the Midwest ready to stand up and fight.Our Revolution is organizing in key states to build a political revolution that will save our jobs and our communities.

We can create an economy that works for all people — regardless of race, gender, religion, or background — if we remain focused. Join us today.
In Solidarity,

Chuck Jones
Wayne Township Trustee, Indianapolis, Indiana
Former President, United Steelworkers, Local 1999

PO Box 66208

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