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     U.S. Department of State
  • Office of Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs.
Secretary of State´s Strategic Dialogue with Civil Society.
                     -   Work Group on Religion and Foreign Policy –
                            White Paper – Green Primer on Feeling and Character in Soul Education
     Subject: Green Primer on Feeling and Character in Soul Education
                                         (Soul = Psyche = Mind)

                  Att.: Mrs.  Hillary R. Clinton - U.S. Secretary of State                                         
             CC:  Mr. Dr. Chris Seiple – President of Institute for Global Engagement                     
                     Mrs. Suzan Johnson Cook - Ambassador-at-Large for International Religion Freedom
                     Mr. Dr. William Vendley - Religions for Peace
                     Mr. Dr. Miguel Diaz - U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See
                     Mr. Joseph Grieboski - Chairman of the Institute on Religion and Public Policy
                     Mrs. Irina A. Faskianos - Vice-President - CFR - National Program & Outreach
                     Mrs.  Julia E. Sweig - CFR - Director for Latin America Studies
                     Mr. David Plouffe - Senior Advisor to the Barack Obama President
                     Mr. Patrick Gaspard - Executive Director - Democratic National Committee
       Mrs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Democratic National Committee.                                         
                     Mr.  Jim Messina - Campaign Manager - Obama for America                    
       Mr. Richard Trumka – President of AFL-CIO
                     Mrs. Jane Harman – Wilson Center - Director President and CEO        
                     Mr. James N. Miller - Under Secretary of Defense (Policy) - Defense Pentagon
                        National Security Council - White House.
                     Federal Advisory Committee              

Dear Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton,

     On Nov./06/2012 I became aware that the Work Group on Religion and Foreign Policy submitted recommendations to U.S. Department of State,

         through INSTITUTE for GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT, when I decided to analyze information contained in the documents listed in the links above, focusing to collaborate with this noble and complex work, coordinated by Dr. Chris Seiple, aiming to seek peaceful solutions in the function of religion in international and national affairs, that suggests the increase in inter-religious dialogue, which is something impossible of consolidation, because Religions fight among themselves to attract supporters for increased "revenues and income" – ravenous, church tax and offerings, to serve their material needs and their  expansion plans,  here in Mother Earth´s kingdom. Each religion wants more devotees and seeks their niche potential supporters to survive and often wish coax and entice "souls" of other groups to be their adherents.

For the choice of religion is free to each one to do yourself decision. The choice is made based on sentiment, on intelligence and in character of each one. Unless that the religion is dominating the State decisions.

The scientific conception of the word Religion does not express the life from beyond the tomb, but INTERCONECT among CULT, DOGMA and REGIME, and may receive the name of Catholic Doctrine, Islamic Doctrine, Spiritualist Doctrine, Baptist Doctrine, etc. .. But as they mostly only have today the Cult and Dogma (Exception Islamism and Judaism, that participate the State Organs, they all must abide by the Political Regime in STATE current where their sermons spiritual practice. This is one of the reasons to separate the STATE of CHURCHES. The STATE must be areligious; I.e. secular.
          RELIGION cannot exchange it function. It takes care of the "soul - psyche or mind" while the state takes care of material goods (Salary, Patrimony and etc.)

Religion aims to educate the soul or psyche to avoid creating barbarians or terrorists - to change the feeling and shape the character through the 8 sense through the Intelligent organ, with the support of a feelings education plan, knowing subordinate the selfish to altruistic feelings of human beings, in the period from the womb´s Mother at 14 years of age. On the day that scientists change the structure of neurons that cause the existence of the "soul", as it is from the first Homo sapiens at the present day, there will be possible to think about how to replace the function of religion in social activities.  There are Philosophical Natural Laws, that  economists, engineers and many with a doctorate in administration, doctors, lawyers and psychologists unknown about human nature, because not yet know the Sciences Sociology and Psychology Positive Scientific Natural Laws; latter still receiving the name of Building  Science, which has 7 Theorems. The first theorem is Cerebral Theorem that scientifically explaining about  Soul or Psyche, as regards the harmonies and mental disorders. Understand why the soul or psyche or mind the set of 18 Brain Functions - 10 of Feelings – 5 of Intelligence and 3 of Character. If there are FUNCTIONs is because there are ORGANS. The operation of these 18 organs could be explained by a lecture that expends three hours and one day of exposure and clarification of doubts for the few participants who return.

In public sphere the religion need to be respected more when elevate their responsibilities in collecting the results of their actions in the social and moral their functions in spiritual programs, using "religious respect" instead of "religious tolerance."
              It is not change or increase the number of religious leader’s male for women leaders, which will improve the quality of teaching standards, as referee to "Duties of Souls Education." There is no doubt that women well Educated to perform religious are much more effective and efficient within the Religious Temples and Families that men. But they need to be educated through a primer - A Primer Green - who It is not change or increase the number of religious leader’s male for women leaders rules about Feelings and Character Soul Education, which will be common to all religions, not interfering in their cults and dogmas. (Education does not Scientific Instruction - mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology and their respective technologies - But discusses Sociology and Positive Morale Science and their technologies). With minor alterations in a didactic and pedagogical in function of the intelligence level that dominant in the type of civilization and the various existing religions, which is being applied to educational theme, based on the 7th Law Philosophical the Supreme Fatality - LAW OF 3 INTELLIGENCE STATES or INTELLECTUAL EVOLUTION whose statement says: - " Each Understanding offers a succession of three states: Fiction, Abstract and Positive in relations to our any conceptions, but with a speed proportional to the generality of the phenomena corresponding. (August Comte) "- Fiction (Fetish and Theological {Monotheistic and Polytheistic} ) - Metaphysical or Abstract and Positive or Scientific to make reasoning by Intelligence Organs. So we will have five Primer Greens to women feeling educate on Mother Planet Earth; for they educate their children to learn to subordinate selfish to altruistic feelings and lead character strengthening (courage, prudence and perseverance) within their religions, inducing them in the same direction or flow. Therefore so early we will not have only one religion.

      One. Primer Green Fetish (PGF)
2nd. Theological Primer Green Polytheistic (TPGP)
3rdTheological Primer Green Monotheist (TPGM)
4thPrimer Green Metaphysics (PGM)
5th.  Primer Green Scientific (PGS)

The contents of these Primers Greens will be prepared by a Work Group, that will be elaborate by SCCBESME-HUMANITY and coordinated for Mr. Paulo Augusto Lacaz, who is not Doctor, but is knowledgeable of this issue up Doctors graduates in universities, unaware of this issue because I am own of a private library and has over 25 years scientifically studying, these issues through the Positive Moral and Sociology Sciences without any financial support to develop his teamwork.

Religions also have the responsibility to educate their fans by Green Primer for them to learn the rules of hygiene and health techniques by visions fetishist, theological and scientific based in Duties Moral Positives. Religions that do not meet the standards set for their fans in Green Primer shall be punished with paying tithes of 50% as income tax, so that they can keep STATES prisons, the judiciary, and public hospitals and etc. The souls have to be prepared to live well on Mother Planet Earth, so that they could enter into Heaven´s Paradise.

The organizers propose new ideas that religious engagement in the National Security Council will provoke a violent internal conflict.

Never, in my point of view, should be put religious representatives in STATE Organs - will shatter the STATE - violent conflicts will occur in endless discussions, which would cause loss of time to the correct decision and delayed actions, causing huge damage this great Nation.

I propose that you create the Standards for a Session or Departmental Division of the National Security Council, which will address issues of stamp POSITIVE MORAL, without the participation of the physical presence of RELIGIOUS LEADERS, inside the White House. They can be consulted and informed, but never participate in day to day of the National Security Council decisions.

Look for persuasion and scientific knowledge to convince the leaders of each religion to meet the standards of Green Primers, so we can gradually disciplinary Religions causing conflict in the world.

Attached is a suggestion of rules and principles to guide the activities of MORAL Session of the National Security Council - MSNSC to serve as a base for you develop new ideas for this theme, which I was done with the objective of meeting the U.N. actions - Moral United Nations Organizations Council, which can be adapted to be "Positive Moral Council of the U.S."

See note 3, two other articles which I wrote about this subject.

Attachments are too big and I did not have time to translate into English. I suggest Google Translate in the first approximation.

Hoping to have had enough scientific arguments to warn U.S. citizens to keep in separate States of the Churches, and seek ways to police and discipline the Religions for Social Welfare and the Moral Peaceful Evolution of Humanity.

In future if there is your intention I'm orders to approach issues related to:

Freedom only with social responsibility.
Equality only of opportunity. Nobody is like anybody.
Rights and Duties

I leave here recorded that SCCBESME-HUMANITY dedicated itself as a volunteer, here in Brazil, through the web, sending constant new ideas and political action marketing without remittance of donations ($) to collaborate on policy reelection campaign of President Barack Obama on Nov. 06, 2012. The truth can be proven with the group OBAMA FOR AMERICA, THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE. info@barackobama.com

Hoping to continue contributing to the Social Welfare and Moral of our Nations, I say farewell, wishing you, 

Health, with respect and fraternity.
Paulo Augusto Lacaz

Nota 1: Note 1: Paulo Augusto Antunes Lacaz is exclusively responsible for the information contained in this E-mail. This information is not subordinate to Officers or Directors of Brazil Temple Positivist, Club Positivist positivists and other entities Positivist in Brazil and worldwide. However is subordinate to Positivist Doctrine not so orthodox form. Take notice of free, the Articles, Books, in relevant E-mails and 36 projects indicate in site www.doctrineofhumanity.com  and http://sccbesme-humanidade.blogspot.com.br. We count on your cooperation, to hire staff college level or not; connecting on DONATE site www.doctrineofhumanity.com  who fully remit your donation to SCCBESME - HUMANITY. Thus we will be able to develop new ideas and thoughts, which are now disproved or rejected by teachers and university professors conservatives and vain, that block New Ideas Sociological Society and Scientific die for the Moral Welfare and the Evolution of Humanity, financially administered by a Globalized System - Capitalist / Labor.
Note 2: The Idea of PRIMER GREEN is AUTHORSHIP Paulo Augusto Lacaz
Note 3:

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