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                                     Att: Mr. Stewart M. Patrick
                                      Senior Fellow and Director of the IIGG Program.

Dear Colleague

Happy holidays from SCCBESME HUMANIDADE.

I decided to study this article - Initiating the New U.S. Grand Strategy for the Post-Exceptionalist was written by your staff, Mr. Daniel Deudney and Mr. G. John Ikenberry, who gave me my allowance to write this my article free, based in my scientific doctrine, to be hung on your IIGG Christmas tree.

I hope it is useful for achieving our goals.

Sincerely, I wish you and your staff.

Health, with respect and fraternity,

Paulo Augusto Lacaz

Civil Society Organization

Paulo Augusto LACAZ

In 2012

            Political organizational systems, under the aegis of - REPUBLICAN SOCIETOCRACY Capitalist / Laborites after the post-exceptionalist American era, will do support to influence the strength for Democratic Capitalist system, in peripheral countries in world  around U.S., whether they are rich or not.

           To improve the Human Being, to live in Society and never be socialist or communist or still fragile democracies, we need to start investing in pedagogic technical education for Human Feelings Education, to subordinate selfishness to altruism. Nobody here will give their patrimonies to anyone. Since the formation of the embryo until 14 years of age – The Education from Mothers, that she will be educated by Pre Moral course, supply for their religions, in the same "Green Booklet" common to all temples for all religions or faiths. The HUMAN DUTIES in Individual, Family, Civics or Patriotic, Western, Eastern and Planetarium, teaching us to subordinate human rights to Duties with HUMANITY, initially focused on peripheral countries around  U.S., on regency  of Organizational Societocratic Republican Political Regime, in Policed Capitalism  Marketing, from free trade, free media with moral and social responsibility, and the International Rights and Duties, with national self-determination ie,   with the moderate nationalism and deep patriotism, because excessive nationalism generates war.

So we will have to look for alternative building democratic capitalist’s grassroots to put them into practice before the communists and socialists deceived again the poor ignorant that inhabit the world. Therefore most hit by chance. So I suggest a side outlet for emerging and 196 other fragile democracies, introducing REPUBLICAN SOCIETOCRACIA as intermediate system to achieve Democracy itself.

           These false capitalist democracies that are more mercantilist is what are the reasons that the structure of Political Regime promotes corruption. Moreover, the mode of voting scheme in Societocratic Republicans Regime and the Feeling Education (here is not scientific instruction) favors along with penalties the substantial corruption reduction, which also aligned with the Governmental Accounting System, designed for this purpose, and does substantially reduce this damn plague that ruins the functionality of marketing capitalism.

           There is no doubt that the U.S. has to worry about it Liberal Internationalist Leadership , and therefore should be imposed to prevent the emergence of autocratic states, camouflaged the word democracy that to neutralize these despots dictatorships, it should let create a new alternative political regime system, like Societocratic Republican Liberal Capitalism, with high social and moral responsibility, which neutralize the barbarous actions of demagogues who preach equality and proletarians in the power of command and outrage,  without respecting the individual property and not the merits (capacity, capability, altruism and social position) of each one.

We cannot subject us to receive guidance from the political regime based in China, Russia and from Muslims Countries origin who’s feeling formation their souls or minds are fetishists, theological orthodox, theological Mohammedan. We here in the West even and the E.U. countries with some mentality of retrograde order and provocative anarchical progress, even if we will seek outlets for our problems of Jewish and Christian theological natures.

All civilization has its equilibrium on a tripod of three Capitals – Material Capital ($); Scientific Intellectual Capital; Positive Moral Capital. The crisis of 2008 was caused by the weakness of the foot of Moral Capital.

Already have long been the U.S. are weakening in Positive Moral Capital, and the problems are proliferating and the basic foundations of ethics are deteriorating. We get very recently in American society the opinion of a "Political Scientist" (It should never be warn that policy Science; always be a Good Art), the political scientist and historian Edward Luttwak Nicolae, who on June 14, 1995, in his interview in the Veja magazine, here in Brazil, said: "The competition between companies and between people, are self-destructing if it destroys people, businesses and ultimately the country itself is destroyed -unbridled This dispute is taking the serenity of life, the tranquility of family income and concentrating as never without blood, the recent history of Humanity " As well as the Government Accounting Badged  and moves without financial backing from banks and finances companies almost led us all to repeat the 1929 crisis for other reasons.

With reference to the security issues that leading in jeopardy the future of Liberal Internationalism Societocratic Republican have to be defended with firmness and even with military force if necessary, where each country Societocratic, with its military terrestrial, will receive support and training, for modern arms acquisitions from U.S. if possible, if necessary, in defense of their citizenship, with logistical support from the Pentagon via IIGG according to the norms and international law and duties and right agreed at UN

The renewal strategy of Democratic Internationalism is valid having Global Power Matrix in Democratic U.S. as centralizing moderate consumer, to suggest in the Emergent and other 196 countries in the world to possess a Political Regime contiguous Societocratic Republican. That may serve as an example for the U.S. to modernize in the future to improve its domestic and international performances, and of funds agility liberation references in tactics, strategy and logistics decisions in order to manage with their interests as Assessment and Coordinator; through IIGG in the orchestration of material and intellectual activities around the world and improve its domestic policy.

The multipolarity of the democratic new world, that increased the diversity among democracies that fight among themselves, with differentiate objectives their leadership and their future business activities, will have to increasingly seek diplomatic and economic-financial solutions to face not proliferation armed decision  but yes watched and policed ​​by the U.S. and their allies and partners.

We'll have to standardize on Petria Clauses to homogenize these great diversities, created by domestic problems of each nation, creating common solutions, not only in the media and environmentalists activities, industrial and economic and financial and Social and Moral problems of their civilizations to guide the flow through of thoughts and actions of future developments of the HUMANITY peaceful evolution.

This idea for a Internationalism Societocratic  Republican Political Regime to a New World could be structured based on a large strategic change of the structure of the current democratic political regime, a resolution for both domestic and international, in order to developed the HUAMANITY by PEACE, by PROGRESS non anarchical and by an ORDER not retrograde. Where the Progress represented the proletarian and the Order represent the employer.
Order there needs to be Progress. Progress there needs to be Order.
 The development of Order generates Progress. And finally, the Progress has to be subordinate to the Order. "
Complementing the Analysis has to be subordinate to Synthesis, the rights subordinate to DUTIES, the selfishness to altruism and the personality under sociability; promoting the DUTIES STATE and Right STATE. Promoting Human Rights subordinating them to HUMAN DUTIES, and finally under the umbrella of DUTIES WITH HUMANITY.

With policy reference unfortunately, most legislators in all countries are humans being with moral dishonest highly degree and they represent benefits whose support is based on the high degree of corruption. The fragile Democratic Assemblies or not, have always been mostly sources of corruption. Those in power want nothing changes occur. The state is here in Brazil and in most countries are with high corruption. Everyone wants a piece of public property in the name of false morality and legality dictated by the modality of voting and the democratic structure in operation.
 For example, the dealer acts against the law, the judge ruling sells, sells the parliamentary vote. The president, governors and mayors sell public works. The state is organized where nobody is anybody. Everything is theft, looting and advantages under code: make everything straight without a trace. The World is delayed to end corruption, but we have to reduce it and we are still discussing racism, sexuality, ecology, energy and human rights rather than DUTIES with Humanity. Now the legislators elected by these existing democracies have learned and will never learn to recognize themselves, to have dignity. How they will be convoked to reform what that imprison him, and that they see as their freedoms?

If there is a new form of restructuring of the state organization (and penalties Judiciary, Legislature and Executive) and the manner of politicians election and simultaneously better Feelings of Education and Instruction scientific of people, we can never think of equal opportunity by Merit (capacity, capability, altruism and social situation); the best distribution of income, in taxes and progressive taxation, in heavy large properties and functions greatest for workers and their Proletariat Union and the Incorporation of the Proletariat in Society  - Corporate Governance as is shown in Societocratic Republican Regime*, and simultaneously maintaining the capitalism policed ​​marketing, suffering the supervision of financial institutions and offshore tax, havens like the action is proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency - CFPA, and the U.S. and by U.S. Government Accountability Office-GAO in U.S.

 Slide 33 REGIME and   Slide 60 JUDICIARY

That the judiciary is of paramount importance MAINLY IN THE COUNTRIES OF FRAGILE DEMOCRACY, it is necessary to change the systematic training of Prosecutors, Judges and Judiciary Ministers, by forming independent of Lawyers career training, keeping their cultures Right Laws taught by universities, law schools to supply their future defendants or offenders clients. Never a lawyer will may be prosecutor, judge or minister. The careers of these Legal professionals will have the kind of systematic training of military funded. To be a judge has to do with competition 16 to 18 years old Preparatory School for the Judiciary (EPJ) (2 years) and by tender internal, passes to National Judicial Academy (JNA) (4 years) and leaves to Promoter, then go to judge, and later the Chief Judge and finally by yours members will may be elected by the Minister, all for internal competition. All for career courses will be coordinated and subordinated to the National Council of Justice - CNJ. So eliminate much of the corruption existing in today's judiciary, the political statements often corrupt nature and not by merit. When the young concourse will do a psychological test   to assess capacity memory and abstraction of convoked to measure their competence in memorizing the texts of law and their interconnections, out of the character and selflessness / selfishness, all by electronic proofing system. The mix is ​​50% women and 50% men. Are all Federal employees and relocated throughout the Nation
Therefore, these spectra wider society seemingly democratic base that spread through the world today cannot serve as models and guidelines for the United States and other nations will try to imitate or copy their constitutions operational and structural to answer the Political Regime's ideas imagined by IIGG.

So I suggest that the IIGG staff of working group headed by Mr. IIGG Patrick Stewart, look for my proposal based scientifically in Moral Positive and Sociology Positive Sciences, which may sensitize them by persuasion and scientific knowledge with alternative to come achieve new progress - for better social and moral evolution of Humanity, here in the dominion of Mother Earth.

I have my ideas, how to make these necessary changes!

Only if what replaces it destroys – Danton

• There is only right and decent progress with individual freedom.

• For there is any activity and progress, it would be conditional   prerequisite degree of independence. The conservation and renewal of capital equipment ($), always can be dissipated ​​require perpetual activity, which effectively assumes full confidence, that we cannot establish or continue without free moral and intellectual outbreak. Pierre Laffitte
Chi va piano, va sano, chi va sano, va lontano.

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