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     It was the winter of the year 2133 and the month of August, as always, was the month in which "the witch walked on the loose." In history classes, it gave notice that gone by 2018, Iran had succeeded in building besides its atomic bomb, another, a hydrogen, resulting from agreements with China, which at this point had broken with Russia and was at war with the United States. Israel had half its territory devastated by nuclear weapons used by Palestinian Hamas smuggled not know by whom, nor where

       In contrast, the Gaza Strip, virtually, had vanished from the map, and both sides losing authorities and populations beset by wars cared to count and bury their dead.

       In the Middle East, both nations sought to obtain in Japan, aid for decontamination of nuclear waste that infested to keep its potential and the suffering of people. The consequences of the Fukushima plant triggered advanced studies that resulted in important for the treatment and neutralization of radioactive effects on people and the Japanese setting discoveries.

       What was left of that people of Semitic Ethnicity, the few synagogues and mosques housed, indistinctly, the sons of Allah and Yahweh that together, listened, dour, prayers, lamentations and wails of his devotees? After all, the same trigger fundamentalism millennia of wars and was the motto for the approach, the pain, those growers Hate People unabated.

       After all, so you can understand it all started when Ishmael, son of Abraham and worshiper of Yahweh, "the God of Israel", quarreled with his father and sent to other shores, carrying a considerable number of dissidents, founding the Ismailism, precursor religion of Islam.

       Ismael had serious dispute  with his brother Isaac, considered the legitimate son of Abraham, with his wife. It was God's desire that generates the patriarch, a son. As the couple Abraham and Sarah were elderly, the generation of a son was almost unthinkable. However, it was God's will that this child came into the world.

       Noting the impediments to designing Sara, to make things easier, Abraham cares for his slave Hagar and her pregnant, a stroke of luck. Thus, Ishmael is born, which is already the world disowned by lawful wife; Ismael emerges as bastard, in view of the legitimate consort. This happens to dispense the son of Abraham and an aversive discrimination, birthplace of humiliation and hatred.

        But God desiring a son of the couple provides means for the pregnancy to be achieved. Thus was born the second son of Abraham, this time with Sara, who receives the name of Isaac, overlapping in Ishmael.

        By being discriminated against and not considered an Israelite root, Ishmael is passed over in favor of Isaac, arising out of, the ancient hatred that manifests between Jews and Muslims, brothers by origin.

        Thus, Ishmael with his followers, leaving the paternal environment, marching to Saudi, founding Ismailism that later, with the Prophet Muhammad, Islam imposes itself as branching between two streams dissidents: Shiites and Sunnis.

        Since then, all derivations of these two fundamental roots remains in a state of war, dormant now, now active. History shows the ongoing struggles between gods and men involving religious fundamentalism, whose origins are in Abraham, the God of Israel and their disagreements with Ishmael with Allah.

        Hamas, Fatah, and the Palestinian Authority on one side and Israel on the other, are the fermented broth of all this fundamentalist quarrel that began with the escape of Abraham with Hagar, millennia ago.

        Historians realize that, in 2014, there was an upsurge of belligerent actions between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza, which were increasing in intensity, so that the launch ballistic on one side and the answer, by land, sea and air, the other resulted in a massive destruction.

       Given that international diplomatic interventions, led by the UN, has not resulted in positive effects, because even the advances and setbacks suffered meetings tempered by politics and fundamentalism. At one point a few years later, nuclear weapons came into action and both plaintiffs suffered thousands of casualties and the destruction established a framework too gloomy and unprecedented.

      The countries discussed in the UN Security Council, declined to plead for peace agreement and decided to leave to their own countries in dispute, not before enter into not cooperating with weapons or any kind of military supplies to either of the two pact warring territories. Only the actions of the Red Cross would be promoted, aiming at philanthropy solely with hospitals, medicines and food for the populations scourge.

      The understanding behind this decision was that any aid that may add further damage could unleash a total war that victim would all populations on the planet. Thus, all other countries have retreated and took care of waiting for fate to decide the fate of each of the two litigants.

       Already in 2154, the books they realized that after that fierce and protracted war, the countries decided to lay down their weapons and hatred, solving unite their efforts for the reconstruction of the destroyed insanity.

The rest of the world entered into an agreement to assist the work and each sent teams of engineering, construction, machinery and all kinds of tools needed to work in urban and rural areas materials.

       Governments sent medical and paramedical teams, and multinational laboratories implemented factories. Schools and Universities arose, and quickly a new panorama was reborn in the geography of the Middle East, a united, vibrant, modern, full of possibilities, where people of goodwill converge from all parts of the planet.

The maps now include the new state; the "Isralina Union" Model which expanded the Planet.

       Religion ceased to be a leaven of hatred, being grown under the aegis of respect and freedom. The primary understanding, after suffering was that the anthropomorphized God, baptized with dozens of aliases, made ​​no sense. Suffice pray and praise him, simply grandiose name "God", whether in silent recesses of the soul, or any of a temple.

       In the main square of the capital, Jerusaviv as a historical symbol, a monument that fraternized, Allah and Yahweh ...

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