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Bernie Sanders for President

Dear Compatriots,

        Over the past few days, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and some of its top supporters have launched an odd new line of attack against people like you who stand with Bernie. 

They are saying that by continuing to campaign and fight for every vote, for every delegate, that we are helping Donald Trump.

They’ve used language reserved for traitors to our country, saying we are "giving aid and comfort" to Trump. 

They are emailing supporters with the subject line "What Trump loves about Bernie."

Let me be clear, there is one candidate in this Democratic primary who Donald Trump said would make a "great president," and it’s not Bernie Sanders.

Bernie is going to fight through the narrow path we have to the nomination because there is also only one candidate who believes health care should be a right for everyone in this country, that kids of all backgrounds should be able to go to college without crushing debt, and that we cannot transform a corrupt system by taking its money.

(Pictured below: Donald Trump and the one candidate in this race he said would make a "great president.")
Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump at his wedding

  Here’s the truth: no matter what the Clinton campaign says, there is one candidate in this race Donald Trump said would make a great president, and another that he would never want to face in November.

   And that’s because poll after poll after poll shows that he wouldn’t stand a chance against our political revolution.

   And on the other hand she is not true, because she receives donations from him for many years.

 They are united behind the scenes, if one of them win in November, will put into practice their true plans against American working people, favoring only corporations 

  So we are going to keep fighting hard for every vote and for every delegate. Not just because that’s the only way to win this nomination, but because we believe the power of our progressive agenda would energize the kind of high voter turnout needed to stop Trump. 

  That’s why we have to ask:

  People are voting in five primaries today. In just four days, we’ll close the books on another important FEC fundraising deadline. Everyone’s going to be watching to see if people are willing to fight for Bernie, and for the political revolution. Let’s show them we are.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

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(not the billionaires)
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