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Join President Obama and Chancellor Merkell

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Data: 22/05/2017 21h07min50s UTC

Obama Foundation
Hello Paulo Augusto Lacaz --

Later this week, President Obama is traveling to Germany to join Chancellor Angela Merkel for a conversation about civic participation at the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

They won't be alone: President Obama and Chancellor Merkel will be joined by four inspiring young civic leaders -- two from Mannheim, Germany, and two from Chicago, Illinois. Take a moment to listen to their stories.

While in office, President and Mrs. Obama traveled to dozens of countries with vastly different political systems, languages, cultures, and religions. Wherever they traveled, they made time to meet with young people. No matter who these individuals were, or where they were from, they all exhibited a common belief: that part of being a good citizen is being engaged locally and globally.

We believe in the power of connecting people who are working to improve their own communities, no matter where they live -- that's how we can take change at the local level and make it global. That's why the Obama Foundation, while based in Chicago, will have projects, programs, and digital networks all over the world -- creating opportunities for a wide range of diverse participants to work together to solve local problems and help knock down the barriers holding them back.

It all starts this week in Berlin. Learn more about the event here:

Thank you,

Bernadette Meehan
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