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 [Case_ID: 0483347 / 6449928] Greek Crisis

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Date: Thursday, 24/05/2012 15:18:33
From: "Paulo Augusto LACAZ" <lacaze@terra.com.br>
Subject: [Case_ID: 483347 / 6449928] Greek Crisis
By contrast, the debt Greek would never be reduced. What could be done to reward the acceptance of the new political regime is a moratoria grace period of six years, where the Greek state would pay neither the dues nor the amortization. After this first period, would begin only the payment of financial charges for a period of 3 years and finally after these two grace periods begins payments and the capital amortization plus interest rates, during 20 years, with interest rates that could be agreed between the parties, to enable a peaceful recovery of Greece.
New Political Regime -
In my speeches, I give a suggestion as example of Structural Societocratic Regime Organization applied to Brazil case.


See the slides 35 to 86.


Paulo Augusto Lacaz

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