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Mr. Dr. Stewart Patrick
Senior Fellow and Director
International Institutions and Global Governance (IIGG) program
Council on Foreign Relations
Dear Colleague,

Pay Attention with a Curse in Disguise!

Remember the Trojan Horse!

Indeed, this crisis that the Irresponsible Greek politicians succeeded to the EU, is a large a curse in disguise. But Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland are close to the same situation.

Homo-sapiens has been transformed into Homo-economicus, that moral police for not knowing the greatness of Democratic Capitalism, are leading the Animalis-homo.
The major strategic plans that will emerge from the intellectual IIGG will surely have enormous difficulties to be deployed with favorable results to the maintenance of free markets and adequate levels of employment, if we do not make some changes of simultaneous actions to meet the unreasonable maneuvers of the current opportunistic political leaders that, without character, with a high level of selfishness and uneducated in Sociology and Moral Sciences Positives, endanger the lives of citizens of their nations.

Let's look for new ideas that are feasible to put in place at this time of crisis, to avoid the appearance of other opportunists - demagogues, to take advantage of this same structure of the Organization of State and Government Accountability archaic controls that are obsolete and inadequate to cope with current problems, which only change hands, staying with the same diseases of the incredible corruption in the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature, and often falling into the hands of military dictators despots.

Let's put an end to this kind of parliamentary system, a system of irresponsibility, so we do not to give the possibility to socialist or communist dictators take power, and conflict with Human Rights and the Humanity Duties.

We have already seen around the world that the vast majority of professional politicians do not know how to manage economically and financially as a state with a sense of res-public, the STATE activities, for the good of its people.

It's getting time to suggest an action on this politician’s class, which shows total irresponsibility by reducing their actions on the stage of setting the organization of existing political regimes. This does not mean that other participants of the state organization do not participate politically in daily life of the nation.

But they are mostly chosen differently. The proposal is to study and analyze the following:

1) Restructuring of Democratic Capitalist System, to Societocratic Capitalist System.
2) Modernization of Government Accounting with a single Integrated Accounting Management System Administration - which aims to police accounts of the Government, which may be oriented by the Central Bank of each country and implemented by the leaders of nations who wish to receive World Bank financial support.
3) A Plan of Human Feelings Education and Scientifically Instruction.

The Civil Society Organization (CSO) - SCCBESME-HUMANIDADE, a non-profit organization is able to show the basis of these ideas to you because it is not contaminated with heavy Socialists, Communists and Democratic thoughts that rules from the academic centers of Universities.

As the U.S. gave political support to NATO to ensure of dollar stability as the currency of Libyan oil business transaction, to ensure the balance of global capitalism; I think we can suggest the same reasoning to the case in question, which could occur in a similar support, not a military invasion, but to support for Army, Businessman and Workers of Greeks (Politicians would be waiting for guidance) to the agreement with the IIGG, provide a tactic of changing the existing political regime in Greece, with a suggestion of a Societocratic Constitution (Management and Budget Camera, Congress Camera, Judiciary – NCJ – National Council of Justice - Punitive Laws on Fraud), together with items 2 and 3 above.

By contrast, the debt Greek would never be reduced. What could be done to reward the acceptance of the new regime is a moratoria grace period of six years, where the Greek state would pay neither the dues nor the amortization. After this first period, would begin only the payment of financial charges for a period of 3 years and finally after these two grace periods begins payments and the capital amortization plus interest rates, during 20 years, with interest rates that could be agreed between the parties, to enable a peaceful recovery of Greece.

In my speeches, I give a suggestion as example of Structural Societocratic Regime Organization applied to Brazil case.

See the slides 35 to 86.

Hoping to have collaborated with new ideas to deal with this crisis, because this proposal was granted by a symbiosis of my studies of more than 26 Constitutions of various countries in a period of 20 years of study, which also took into account the good items demonstrated the Current Organizational Structure of the Chinese State, removing and eliminating the method of choice for Communist lawmakers, back in operation. From what I have proposed here, only 20% of Congress will be made by politicians in a democratic election. The other politicians will be elected on a Societocratic way.

I'm sure if we're Prudent, Audacious and Persevering socially and morally it is possible to save the E.U. , without war, with my suggestions, since everything has been going wrong in the way that occur today.

Will it be that the government structure organization system of the democratic republic regime is agonizing?

Please, analyze! It is necessary to CHANGE!

Looking forward to news, I wish you

Health, with respect and fraternity,

Paulo Augusto LACAZ

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