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CC: Mr. Barack Obama - President of the United States of America.
Mrs. Nancy Pelosi - Democratic Deputy
Mr. Tim Kaine - Democratic Party President.
Mrs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Director Democratic National Committee.
Mr. Patrick Gaspard - Director Democratic National Committee.
Mr. Mitch Stewart - Organizing for America.
Mr. David Plouffe - President Barack Obama Senior Advisor.

CFR: Mrs. Julia E. Sweig
OEA: Mr. José Miguel Insulza

Subject: NEW IDEAS

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

There is no doubt that "New Ideas" intended to prevent war for a policy of Peace and National Independence, orchestrated by a Global Governance, strengthening Freedom with responsibility, aiming to generate Non-Anarchic Progress and a Non-Retrograde Order, with equal opportunity and strengthened by a Policed Capitalist Economic / Financial System, aimed at the Welfare and Moral of American Society, will make us achieve our goals.

I hope these ideas are welcome.

As Progress only occurs through the forces of workers’ actions who are usually physically harmed by anti-social and immoral actions of many employers, I propose a strategy of peaceful means, first requesting "Permission of Conservatives" jointly to analyze these suggestions of New Ideas for minimizing the rates of the very poor and the and millionaires, strengthening the rates of the Worthy Poor and the Patronizing Rich, causing the increase of the Middle Class, with moderate consumption.

All "New Ideas" have Organized, Mobilizing and Transforming actions.
Usually, New Ideas are only followed when the development of Material Life ($) of a society forces decisions to meet new emergency tasks, in order to maintain the same economic standard of living of Family life, and not only the citizens’ life.

We have noticed that the politicians of the Democratic Party are more concerned with the problems of moral and social order of the American Society, having however lately suffered enormous pressure from Republican politicians who, due to their high degree of selfish feelings, do not see that their economic and political attitudes can destroy their own nation (2008 Crisis).

The intention is that Vanguard Ideas will take over peaceful movements spearheaded by your Organizations  - for example: "Occupy Wall Street" because "Wall Street's out of control" and the structural changes proposed by the Obama Administration for Wall Street Reform - Consumer Financial Protection Agency - CFPA, later to strengthen the balance of interests between Employers and Workers within a Non-Liberalist Capitalist Market, where Workers must be subordinated to Employers in their organizations, taking their suggestions to Congress through the Democratic Party and enhanced by the popular strength of President Barack Obama to show that 99% also have an active voice to reach their ultimate goal and collaborate with and argue New Ideas, to improve the stimulation of the American domestic market, creating jobs for Americans residing in the U.S.

Since peaceful changes are slow and gradual, and one can only modify what one can replace, I take the liberty of proposing a New Idea which may have your support, and which I hope to test first here in Brazil, or in another country, not in the USA. Once it is consecrated here or in another country, you would present the advantages and characteristics of these Progressive New Ideas to your American Conservatives, before applying them in the U.S.

We know that all over the world the economically powerful do not want anything to be changed. Nevertheless, by persuasion and scientific knowledge we will alert them of future consequences, so that they are not deeply harmed, should we not change the course of Humanity’s evolution towards a more harmonious and peaceful destiny.

These propositions are utopian, but they will never be chimerical.

I know that you are full of problems, searching for solutions for the short and medium terms, but I am looking towards leaving more solutions than problems for our future generation.

I live in a country dominated by a highly corrupt mercantilist system. Here there is nothing Democratic-Capitalist. It is all pretenses. Lies predominate in politics, and State corruption among the Business Owners. There is no notion of Republic (= public entity). Workers’ unions are dominated by communists. With respect to the Judiciary, there is no effective moralizing organ!

Public Universities have been taken over by socialist and communist professors.

With much effort, after one year (2011), I created with some friends and only my personal financial resources, a nonprofit Civil Society Organization (CSO), for suggesting "New Ideas", by developing 45 projects. See Annex I.

In order to strengthen the future actions of the CSO - SCCBESME-HUMANIDADE, I sent to the Organization of American States (OAS) the data required for registration, so that we may participate in high-level meetings, before the 39 countries, to defend OUR INTERESTS, including those of the 99%, if you so desire. Thus incorporating the Working Class into society, for today you are still anchored onto Society. Please see in Annex II an OAS e-mail informing the registration status. The two pending items are the submission of our balance sheet in June 2012 and of information on which institution will finance the CSO - SCCBESME-HUMANIDADE. We currently have only $ 50.00 in cash.

We have to create new "capitalist proletarian souls," among non-unionized workers here in Latin America.

Should we be successful in our endeavor to attend OAS meetings, we will certainly be able to take to this Political Stage the needs and interests of the workers of participating countries.

We will be a spokesperson for those who support us, in combating corruption and socialism – communism.

Why are we addressing you?

The reason is that, beyond the philosophical interests whom we share in our struggle, we have here great difficulties and needs for raising "donations" to consolidate our projects. Our CSO - SCCBESME-HUMANIDADE, by virtue of its Statute, cannot raise donations from political parties and public agencies.

In Brazil, the Rich and the Millionaires are highly corrupt. The Unionists are formed within the large Communist Socialist Unions - they preach the lie of equality.

As we are not communists and fight corruption, we do not get credit for obtaining donations. I will start here a new attempt using Digital Marketing, to try to get some success, because Brazilian the people is not imbued with this sense of donating towards public causes.

Hoping to have shown you that our partnership would be promising, I look forward to receiving suggestions for the operationalization of SCCBESME-HUMANIDADE projects, if you agree to participate in this "bilateral" effort.
I take this opportunity of wishing you,

Health, with respect and fraternity,

Paulo Augusto Lacaz

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